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23866_10151161202001482_1199260003_nNovember 28, 2012. Who is this living being that since was it part of our existence has managed to make us reflect on important issues such as friendship, mutual aid, respect for the environment and other living beings, the notion of team together in search of purpose ?

Who is the one who has made us feel new and intense emotions, unknown feelings, who has helped us to rethink what the real meaning of life is, who has helped quell fears, worries and fears in many of us , who has helped us with his existence to learn to prioritize needs and objectives, helping to discover the best and worst of ourselves? This living being is the little dolphin Marcos. While we attended and took care of his needs, he brought us much more without even intending it, or maybe yes? Marcos, still small in age, height and weight but so big on personal commitment, desiring to excel and wishing to survive.

From the beginning of our journey with Marcos in August many and varied news have been mentioned in various media on his health, fitness, explanatory data on the species to which he belongs, but perhaps we could ask other questions like what is his character, why does he employ different behavior patterns depending on the person who is with him, what is his mood and what factors predispose it to vary?

I don’t know if we can talk about personality in a dolphin, it might be more appropriate to use the term “DOLPHINALITY”.

If we focus on that term, we might suggest that Marcos has presented changes that have been modifying his dolphinality. From the little dolphin he was when he stranded on August 21 on the beach of Roquetas de Mar, malnourished and helpless, hungry for protection, with an insecure “character”, he has become a more mature, confident and communicative young of his species..

Marcos obviously can not use human language but as we all interact with him we discovered that there are many ways to connect with other species, without a word, only with actions such as to look in his eyes, to see his face, his gestures and his behavior, we have largely managed to decipher what he wanted to express.

We knew when he wanted to play. When he was glad he gave us fantastic and varied pirouettes, showed us his preferences for volunteers by changing his behavior drastically in the presence of those people special for him (touching them with his beak, getting belly up, dancing around them, flapping his fluke…), while also and especially at the beginning, he expressed displeasure over others by using fluke movements.

As humans we can manifest duality of feelings, Marcos, too. At other times he seems “locked and absent”, looking for his moments of rest at these occasions.

His character at the moment doesn’t adjust totally to the definition and observation for his species. Marcos generally seeks humans contact, is sociable, marks his times and moments, which are respected by us and one of the most obvious features of the “rarity” of Marcos is the fact that he is particularly resistant to stress that could suppose human contact and manipulation. Marcos trusts us, this “blind faith” is more evident with certain people.

It is still early to say how he will be in future since his dolphinalities are not yet fully defined.

Without intending to humanize, he responds with intelligence, with an independent character, sometimes whimsical, with a nonverbal language that is becoming more extensive. Clicks and diverse acoustic sounds, which the minds of people can not understand or decipher, are used to interact with us.

Marcos uses his intelligence despite his young age, has learned very quickly to avoid what is unpleasant anticipating the action of the person and establishing avoidance mechanisms (rejection of the net when he is due for the vet and for taking relevant tests about his fitness..), has reached to mimic movements and gestures similar to ours, ultimately showing us that he is an intelligent living being.

Marcos is affective. Although he is still in his natural environment, he is not free because his fitness, incomplete learning … don’t allow him but still, this is a wonderful animal. Every day he gives us his affection, he has chosen to stay with us even though at some point he could have gone away (temporary broken nets …) but did not, he trusts humans, perhaps sometimes too much.

What we are providing we will never know but we do know what we want to provide him, “freedom” when possible in the most appropriate time for him. While reflecting, we might think who is providing more to whom?

It is true that we do everything humanly possible to save his life, using the time we have and many times we do not have, subtracting time to sleep, to moments of fun and the comfort that normally surrounds us but Marcos gives us amply back.

Terms like “high, extreme joy, inner peace, harmony, adrenaline rush, infinite tenderness or relaxation” are the most frequently used when we wonder what the arrival of Marcos has brought to our lives or the feelings we experience in his presence. I’ve seen socially unskilled people be completely relaxed and transformed in his presence, I have also seen others controlling negative emotions you’re supposed to think because of the possibility that something negative might happen to him, to concerns about whether he can be successfully reintroduced, I’ve seen a team spirit that rarely has happened, different people, different places learning to iron out their rough edges caused by the tension of caring for Marcos for so long … and all for achieving the same goal: Marcos!

In 1990 John Paul II said, causing a stir, animals had a sensitive soul. Other authors such as Stacy Montle who have dedicated part of their lives to the care of animals also affirm the existence of a soul in them. Other people like parapsychologist Martin Ebon asserts that they possess extrasensory perception for communication.

Everything is a matter of faith, it will never be provable but what we know for sure is that this little dolphin has touched “our souls”. Even without a scientific explanation, we feel this connection that unites you with him despite the difference in species. Mark seems to capture human emotions and always gives “more”.

In short, “Who is the care and who is the caregiver?”. Perhaps who lived this experience never has it entirely clear …….

Our dear friend Toni translated for you ! It is a wonderful article! Thank you for sharing this insight with us! He is a very special Dolphin. I adore Marcos ! (Paige)



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